Simple Hymns

Simple Hymns is a worship artist collective who embrace the timeless treasures found in the hymns, and who honor their lyrical and musical depth with newly written hymns and fresh interpretations.  Simple Hymns is a response to the longing for a return to a deeper and more lyric focused truth, combined with a simplicity of musical expression in worship music. Worship music shifts in style from decade to decade, along with Christian lyrical themes and theology. What makes the hymns so unique and special is their ability to stand the test of time. Historically, when times become more turbulent or uncertain, we tend to hold to things that have endured through time. Hymns give us that anchor, and remind us that God’s love and His nature are unchanging.

The Simple Hymns audio recordings and videos are purposefully simple with acoustic instrumentation, with nothing overproduced to allow them to be sung by worship leaders in the most unplugged setting, or added to the worship music song selections in any sized church. The song of  Simple Hymns are also well suited as a background for personal worship, reflection and devotions.”


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